Manhart MH5 900 (F90) Limited 01/05: Unveiling the Ultimate Powerhouse in the MH5 Lineup

Manhart MH5 900 (F90) Limited 01/05: Unveiling the Ultimate Powerhouse in the MH5 Lineup

The MH5 900 Limited 01/05 emerges as the crown jewel in the realm of high-performance sedans, crafted by the skilled hands at MANHART Performance. This engineering marvel, limited to a mere five exclusive units, transforms the BMW F90 M5 Competition, specifically its LCI iteration, into a powerhouse of unmatched capabilities. The name 'MH5 900' isn't just for show; it's a direct nod to the staggering 928 horsepower and 1,240 Nm of torque that this beast commands.

Manhart MH5 900 (F90) - Back Angle

Manhart MH5 900 (F90) - Lateral

Under the hood, the twin-turbo 4.4-liter V8 engine (S63) has undergone a significant transformation. A MANHART turbo upgrade, paired with a carbon intake and MANHART intercooling courtesy of Wagner Tuning, brings this extraordinary power to life. We've bolstered the engine's resilience to withstand up to 1,200 hp, thanks to Carillo pistons and robust H-shafted connecting rods. The exhaust system is a work of art, featuring a MANHART stainless steel construction with valve control and sleek, matte black 100 mm tailpipe trims. Additional modifications include race downpipes and OPF/GFP delete pipes, though these enhancements are intended for export due to their lack of TÜV approval. The vehicle's brain, the ECU, has been meticulously remapped to align perfectly with the upgraded hardware.

Manhart MH5 900 (F90) - Front

Manhart MH5 900 (F90) - Back

The aesthetics of the MH5 900 Limited 01/05 are as breathtaking as its performance. A plethora of carbon fiber components adorns the vehicle, enhancing its aerodynamics and style. From the front spoiler and kidney grille surrounds to the two-part front apron insert and canards, the carbon fiber craftsmanship is evident. The side skirts, roof spoilers, and a striking carbon fiber rear diffuser add to its aggressive stance. The exterior is elegantly finished in a deep blue, complemented by MANHART's signature copper accents.

Manhart MH5 900 (F90) - Interior Front Seats

Manhart MH5 900 (F90) - Back Seats

Rolling on bespoke Concave One forged rims, painted in satin black with copper stripes, the MH5 900 boasts a formidable presence. These rims, in sizes 9×21 and 10.5×21 inches, are shod with top-tier performance tires, ensuring unparalleled grip and control.

Manhart MH5 900 (F90) - Exhaust Pipes

Manhart MH5 900 (F90) - Rear Carbon Spoiler

Manhart MH5 900 (F90) - Carbon Bumper Air Intake

Suspension options for the MH5 900 are diverse, catering to the discerning driver's preference. Options range from MANHART coilover springs by KW Suspensions, enhancing agility and handling, to the more dynamic Variant 4 coilover suspension, also by KW Suspensions. The BMW M5's robust carbon-ceramic brake system remains untouched, save for a color-matched paint job and MANHART branding for a cohesive look.

Manhart MH5 900 (F90) - Engine

The interior of the MH5 900 is a sanctuary of luxury and performance. Carbon fiber dominates the cabin, extending to the seat shells, complemented by Alcantara headlining and premium brown leather upholstery. The addition of a Sky Roof star firmament creates an ambiance of sophistication. The cockpit features a MANHART Dataview display, while custom MANHART floor mats add a touch of elegance underfoot.

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