Pre-Order MANHART's 'Thor' Carbon Package for BMW XM G09

Pre-Order MANHART's 'Thor' Carbon Package for BMW XM G09

MANHART's 'Thor' Carbon Package for the BMW XM G09 is here. With exclusive carbon enhancements for the ultimate driving machine, secure your first production slot with a pre-order today.

The BMW XM, a marvel of engineering that has sparked passionate discussions and admiration, is making its grand departure from the halls of Bayerische Motorenwerke. With its potent 653 HP or the even mightier 748 HP hybrid variant, coupled with a design that commands attention, the BMW XM is the talk of the town. Seizing the moment, MANHART Performance introduces the 'Thor' Carbon Package, an embodiment of sophistication and high performance exclusively designed for the BMW XM.

Elevate Your XM with 'Thor'

The 'Thor' package is not just an accessory; it's a transformation. Crafted from premium full carbon, this exclusive exterior package enhances the front, side, and rear of your BMW XM, ensuring your vehicle is not just seen but remembered. The crown jewel of the 'Thor' package is the meticulously designed carbon hood, equipped with GTR air vents for optimal engine cooling, a testament to MANHART's commitment to both aesthetics and functionality.

Front to Rear: A Symphony in Carbon

Every angle of your BMW XM is accentuated with the 'Thor' package. The front boasts a two-part grille frame, air duct covers, bumper add-ons, and a striking front spoiler—all in full carbon. The sides are graced with over two meters of lavish side skirts, while the rear enjoys an expansive roof spoiler, a sleek spoiler lip for the trunk lid, a connector between the rear lights, and a dynamic rear diffuser, all culminating in a design that's as powerful as it is elegant.

Customize Your 'Thor' Experience

MANHART offers the 'Thor' package in classic twill weave regular carbon and the exquisite forged carbon, catering to your personal preference and style. Furthermore, we're on the brink of introducing additional enhancements, including carbon trim for the exhaust tips, ensuring your BMW XM is the epitome of customized luxury.

Exclusive Pre-Order Benefits

In anticipation of the first kit deliveries, MANHART is thrilled to offer our esteemed clients an exclusive opportunity to pre-order the 'Thor' Carbon Package. Take advantage of a 12% discount and ensure your BMW XM stands out from the crowd. Rest assured, all attachments, with the exception of the carbon hood, are in the process of receiving TÜV registration, promising a seamless blend of style and compliance.

Secure Your 'Thor' Package Today

Ready to transform your BMW XM into a masterpiece of performance and design? Contact MANHART Performance at to specify your requests and secure your 'Thor' Carbon Package. Embrace the unparalleled, and let your BMW XM tell a story of power, prestige, and individuality.

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