Our Mission is to make the Tuning Future Exciting.

We are Petrolbase

Petrolbase is a premium marketplace that caters to high-end sports cars and luxury vehicles, offering a range of tuning and aftermarket parts. It also serves as a community for car enthusiasts around the world who share a passion for tuned vehicles.

Why Petrolbase?

The idea behind the name “Petrolbase” is composed of 2 other words (Petrolhead & Base). We liked the idea to create a base for all the petrolheads, and here we are, sharing love, enthusiasm, and passion with all the petrolheads around the world.

For enthusiasts, by enthusiasts

At Petrolbase, we are driven by our passion for tuned cars and take pride in our work. Seeing unique and distinctive cars on the road is a source of joy for us, and we are dedicated to helping our customers realise their dreams through our services. Together, we can build a vibrant and supportive community of car enthusiasts at Petrolbase.




At our core, we value autonomy, flexibility, and trust. These principles shape our culture and create a work environment that is diverse, inclusive, and supportive. We believe in empowering our team members to push the limits and discover what they can achieve. Together, we strive to go beyond what is considered possible and unlock new possibilities.


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