The premium tire manufacturer Hankook is official Brabus technology partner

The premium tire manufacturer Hankook is official Brabus technology partner

Hankook has officially joined forces with BRABUS as their technology partner!

Hankook Tire, the premium tire manufacturer with an illustrious history dating back to 1941, is now proud to announce an official partnership with the renowned automotive powerhouse, BRABUS.

Hankook Tire, born in Seoul and grown over eight decades into a global tire manufacturing giant, boasts eight production sites and five cutting-edge development centers across the world. Their commitment to excellence has made them a true industry leader.

And now, the partnership takes a thrilling turn as BRABUS gears up to mount high-performance Hankook tires on its alloy wheels, with diameters reaching a staggering 23 inches. The spotlight shines on the premium summer UHP tire Ventus S1 evo 3 and the UUHP tire Ventus S1 evo Z, both standing out in the world of modern tires thanks to their high-strength, aramid-reinforced hybrid belts. These tires promise not just exceptional grip but also an abundance of safety, both on dry roads and during wet conditions. As winter approaches, BRABUS automobiles will rely on the ultra-high-performance Winter i*cept evo 3 tire.

BRABUS CTO Jörn Gander shares the excitement: "After numerous test drives on tracks, roads, and race tracks with various BRABUS supercars, we made the decision to welcome Hankook, a premium manufacturer, into our fold. Their extensive range allows us to equip a wide array of BRABUS monoblock wheels and, in turn, a diverse fleet of vehicles with Hankook's top-quality tires. Moreover, our collaboration extends to the development of special tires tailored precisely to meet the exceptional demands of future BRABUS supercars."

This partnership marks the beginning of an exhilarating journey filled with exciting projects and the promise of a bright future. Stay tuned as we shape the roads ahead together!

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